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Wealth and Giving

Where you choose to spend your money symbolizes your priorities.  Is there a way that you would like to rededicate your spending habits to reflect a different value in your life?  Think of it in three levels. 


One, in your personal life and development, are you spending money in the way that you think best?  Is there a goal, a skill, a purpose that you haven’t yet reached for yourself?  How can you help prepare for that next step with your money habits?


Two, who in your life needs the attention of your resources?  Are there members of your family, your neighborhood, God’s world that you feel called to bless with the consideration of your wealth?  Are there blessings you have enjoyed that you wish to return?  Are there people whose plight speaks to you deeply?


Three, in your communal life, how would you like to bless a community of faith or mission with money and resources?  What would you like to sponsor that would be a blessing to others?  How will you show your thanks for an opportunity to live in community?


When you are intentional with money, either sharing it with others or better preparing yourself to fulfill God’s purpose in your life, you are living into a faithful financial practice.

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