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Not Jim - the kids Teddy and Noli

It is way more exciting to show pictures of kids loving on each other, than another pic of Jim.

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Jim Hamilton - Pastoral Missioner

Jim is an Episcopal priest.  But, he has been an actor, a singer, a non-profit director and a few other embarrassing things that involved tight fitting costumes, so don't take him too seriously.  He brings all those experiences to bear here in Baltimore, especially his shamelessness.  He is in charge of serving the neighborhood as pastor and community organizer.  If you have questions about spirituality, organizing a group to respond to a need or have any theological conundrums, Hamilton is your guy. Jim lives in Canton with his wife Lindsay and their kids Teddy and Magnolia.


Available for Pastoral Care | Weddings | Funerals | Coffees to talk about how to make Baltimore better.


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