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Servando Vigil

Vaughn feels compelled to serve people. It is literally what his name means. His modus operandi has always been kindness to others and engaging with all. Vaughn leads our initiatives to care for the people who make up this neighborhood...and beyond.

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Vaughn Vigil - Deacon

Vaughn is a dedicated member of the Church on the Square team, and he also serves at Christ Church Lutheran, using his roles at both to help connect churches in the Diocese and Synod to global mission. He recently led a trip to Cuba consisting of members from various churches and is committed to continuing this work. As deacon at Church on the Square, Vaughn is passionate about developing a culture of service and outreach to our neighbors. In addition to his work with the church, Vaughn has extensive experience in database management and IT. He is a strong advocate for improving and caring for our building.


Do you want to serve your neighbor? Do you have an idea of a program for service? Do you want to head off on a mission trip to serve there? Reach out.


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