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Honoring everyone is the beginning of hope.  The Christ talked about hospitality in myriad ways.  He told a story about a father who would never turn away a self-regarding son in need of love and care.  He told a story about a shepherd who, leaving the sheep in the fold crawled through the wildlands to find a lost sheep.  He exemplified deep hospitality, in eating with undesirable people and seeing the spark of creation in their eyes.  Is there a way to take this deep welcome, as modeled by Jesus, and apply it to our welcome at Church on the Square?  Is there a way to apply it to your own relationships?  This could be a covenant to stretch your understanding of neighbor.  This could be a covenant to help notice the people with which you, maybe unconsciously, prefer to spend time.  It also is a way to commit to the constant welcome and maintenance of the resource of our physical plant.  How can we make this space as inviting as possible?


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