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This one is for the over-achievers, the well-intentioned, the stressed and those quick to burn out.  How can you create a pledge to be healthy, patient and forgiving of yourself when you fail to live up to your own standards?  With what regularity will you, figuratively or literally, clean out your inbox and start fresh?  In the world religious, we call these retreats.  And, in the world of Church on the Square we will have them annually.  But, this is not the best way for all of us to find refreshment.  Yoga workshops, a trip to see Springsteen with a too often ignored old friend, a dedication to take a Saturday every two months to romp around a state park trail with your dogs…these are all potential ways that you will covenant balance in your life.  But, don’t build a bomb of self-blame to explode in your face should you miss your hoped for goal.  God wants you whole and kind to yourself when you miss your mark of wholeness.


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