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When you live with your decisions in the open, it is harder to cheat yourself out of progress.  Therefore, there is a built in accountability structure to these promises.  You are making them with God.  You are making them to yourself.  You are making them in prayerful consultation with a leader from Church on the Square.  And, if it is your wish to do so, you can pursue a match with another member of the congregation who will pray with you (and you for them) and walk beside you in your work. 


The power of the early church was in the communality with which they chose to live their lives.  Church on the Square strives to provide excellence in one-on-one discernment with clergy.  But, also, and this is usually reserved for those discerning a call to the priesthood, Church on the Square will convene the power and wisdom of individual discernment committees of peers and leaders for those who would see benefit in such a process.


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