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Kimberly's love for children is immediately evident. She beams at them...and they beam back. There is a particular kind of person that understands the hearts of kids intuitively. Kim is that particular kind of person.

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Kimberly Gantt - Children's Missioner

Meet Kimberly Gantt, the founder of Kimnastics, who has been flipping her way through life since her gymnastics days. She may have retired her leotard, but she's still a backflip of all trades! With over 20 years of teaching experience in Maryland, Kimberly has proven that she knows how to balance equations and execute a perfect roundoff. As a former STEM specialist, she can create resources and provide professional development with grace and ease.


Kimnastics, fusing movement and mathematics, truly brings together Kimberly's passions for teaching and gymnastics. With over 25 years of mentoring and coaching experience, she's received numerous awards and recognition. So, if you need a handstand in your math lesson or a back tuck in your day, Kimberly's got you covered!


Church on the Square is lucky to have tumbled into Kim’s path at just the right moment. Her passion for creating community is wrapped up in all she does. While at CotS, she plans on growing and organizing learning for kids. Basically, building church for the children of CotS and preparing them to welcome more. If you want to get involved with the young people’s ministry at Church on the Square, drop her an email.


If you're looking to help with kids work OR are keen on teaching your kids mathematics (without them realizing they are learning) reach out to Kimberly.


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