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Corey and Maddie. Uff da!

You can take the Corey out of the Cities. But can you take the cities out of Corey?

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Corey Bergman - Connectivity Missioner

Corey Bergman is a passionate individual with a variety of interests and experiences. Born and raised in Minnesota, Corey developed a love for sports, debate, and running at a young age. They also attended church, but sometimes found themselves drawn to the hockey arena instead. After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Political Science, Corey attended the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago where they met their spouse Maddie Tallman. Maddie is currently the pastor at Rejoice Fellowship in Glen Burnie. 


At Church on the Square, Corey hopes to foster the already growing sense of community and engagement, while also laying the groundwork for future involvement and growth. With their passion for connecting with others and creating meaningful experiences, Corey is excited to be a part of the Church on the Square community.


What gets you out of the house? What excites you enough to get out of the house? Let's talk about it?!


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